Academic Affairs

Research and Scholarly Activity

A core value of JPS Health Network is preparing future health care leaders for Tarrant County. As an academic teaching hospital, JPS Health Network is committed to providing opportunity for innovative research, collaborative projects, and evidence-based learning and investigation.

JPS Health Network aspires to provide a range of workshops, conferences, courses, and internships to include cutting-edge research training for developing clinical scientists along their career trajectory. Recently JPS Health Network received Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) allowing for application and receipt of federal grants. Applications are accepted for research grants, educational training grants, and research fellowship opportunities. Building the program requires broad-based enthusiasm and commitment to supporting JPS research efforts. JPS leadership endorses further development of research activities and is very instrumental in the success of academic research. Success can only be accomplished through team efforts, tenacity, and research commitment by those invested in the advancement of scholarly activity and high quality evidence-based outcomes in medicine and medical education.

Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, and Faculty all have various opportunities to pursue the following types of activities:

  • Research activity and projects in quality improvement
  • Projects to improve educational and curriculum design
  • Community based demonstration projects
  • Clinical drug trials
  • Device trials
  • Regional and national recognition for scholarly efforts
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Local, regional and national leadership opportunities in reviewing scholarly projects of others

For additional information regarding research at JPS, please visit: the JPS Office of Clinical Research and the JPS Center for Epidemiology and Healthcare Delivery Research.

To see examples of JPS-related scholarly activities and publications, please visit: JPS PubMed Publications