Student Volunteer Opportunities

JPS "Serve and Learn" 

A program for students (Virtual volunteer activities and education sessions)

Are you a student looking to make a difference in the lives of patients or caregivers at JPS? If so, our "Serve & Learn" program could be a perfect option for you! We recognize the positive impact volunteers make virtually and want to offer an activity that engages you in volunteer service and learning opportunities.

The Serve & Learn program is designed to directly impact and benefit our JPS patients, caregivers, and you! As a virtual volunteer, this opportunity allows you to be engaged in a structured program, the ability to serve at your own pace, and obtain service hours, if needed.

We offer two components: Active Service and Vocational Learning. As a volunteer, you will first complete service activities provided within the program structure. Once an activity is completed and delivered, you can choose to move forward with one of the learning options. The educational components focus on areas of interest within the healthcare field.


Program Activities Program Application

For more information, contact the JPS Volunteer Services department at 817-702-1590 or