My Health is a Priority

An important concept in healthcare is ensuring patients are educated about listening to their bodies. Stressing the importance of listening to our bodies is crucial because it can be the thin line between living a normal life and dealing with the detrimental effects of a disease that could have been prevented.

Stephanie McCoy learned an important lesson when she experienced symptoms of a stroke but didn't respond right away. Looking back, she realizes that the signs were there, but she didn't think much of them because the symptoms weren't severe.

JPS Respiratory Therapists Named Specialty Practitioners of the Year

Two JPS Health Network team members have been named Specialty Practitioners of the Year by the Texas Society for Respiratory Care.

Each year, the Texas Society for Respiratory Care awards practitioners from different specialties for their commitment to patients and healthcare. Receiving this award is an honorable celebration and a testament to the dedication of our Respiratory Therapists at JPS.

Fulfilling the Mission

Shannon Fletcher, Vice President and Chief of Staff, grew up in the Lake Como community, where she learned the significance of advocating for underserved communities from a young age. Her passion for service-oriented missions, combined with volunteering and shadowing trailblazers in her community, helped her gain the experience needed to establish the foundation of her career.

Nurses Make the Difference

On Friday, May 10, the Nursing team at JPS Health Network organized a special luncheon to honor their nurses' hard work and dedication. The event celebrated nurses' unwavering commitment to providing impactful care to patients. Nurses play a crucial role in a patient's healthcare journey, and these awards serve as appreciation for their relentless efforts in providing exceptional care.

Behind the Scenes of Patient Care

At JPS Health Network, we build intentional relationships with our team members and patients to make healthcare feel hospitable. A system with branches and roots starts with a firm foundation. Many times, that foundation begins with the behind-the-scenes departments.

At JPS, many departments are not patient-facing, but they directly impact the network's ability to operate. Without the efforts of these teams, our clinical areas would lack efficiency.

Setting the Standard

Donna Young-Bob is a Senior Staffing Coordinator who spends her professional life ensuring that each floor of JPS Health Network has adequate coverage and the network’s needs are fulfilled. Beyond her career, though, she is a mother.

“As a mother, JPS supported my needs. Whether it was childcare, different working hours, or encouraging a healthy work-life balance, there was never an issue with having to work while raising my family,” Young-Bob said.

Committed to Impact

In a fast-paced career, it can be easy to become consumed by work. Often, professionals find their work customary. They fall into the cycle of routines, just going through the motions.

It is different for Ekta Shrestha, RN Team Lead. Shrestha is a registered nurse at JPS Gertrude Tarpley - Watauga Health Center. Here, she diligently cares for her patients, their families, and the rest of the Watauga team.

A Place to Call Home

Healthcare – a place where patients seek help, comfort, and guidance. The carousel-like doors are forever turning as physicians, nurses, and support staff work to keep up. Healthcare can be demanding, but in our network, we are always ready, and we are proud of that.

Being a team member here at JPS Health Network extends far beyond showing up, clocking in, and doing your job. At JPS, we value passion, commitment, and sensitivity. We want to touch patients' lives, not just bandage them up and send them home.