The research committee is organized to provide motivation, discipline and guidance to podiatric residents and their research activities. Guidelines are provided to residents so that research commences in an organized, logical and scientific manner. Regular evaluation of the progress of the resident research projects will proceed in an organized and timely fashion. The ultimate goal is to have a publication grade research project completed at the end of the second year of surgical training and submitted for publication and presentation.

Research Objectives

Residents in PGY-I will prepare a written narrative prior to completion of the PGY-I academic year with the following requirements:

  • Research topic. 
  • Name of faculty advisor and all co-authors.
  • A letter from faculty stating support for project.
  • Background literature supporting purpose of project. Articles should be from recognized peer-reviewed journals. Copies of articles should be included.
  • Materials and methods, including preliminary statistical analysis if necessary.
  • One copy of the narrative for each member of the research committee.
  1. Upon approval of the research project by the committee, the resident will present the project to participating hospitals for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, if only to have IRB state that IRB approval for the project is not necessary. Copy of the approval or disapproval letter from IRB must be forwarded to the research committee. Upon IRB approval of project, the resident may proceed with project. IRB approval is not necessary for review articles.

  2. The resident is responsible for providing a project update at the end of each 6-month period to research committee. This update will also contain progress notes of the previous 6 months and future plans. Also, this update should include problems encountered and measures taken to remedy problems.

  3. Final written research manuscript should be completed by the end of the PGY-III academic year.

  4. Failure to comply with any of these rules will be noted in the resident's permanent record and may delay promotion to next academic year.