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The JPS Podcast: Women's Health: I Am Worth It

The JPS Podcast: Women's Health: I Am Worth It, Women's Health

Season 4: Episode 4 Show Notes

Many women put their health on the back burner for their family, career, or life. When you’re so involved in what you’re doing, it’s easy to put yourself second. Women often don’t realize that taking time to care for themselves benefits them and everyone around them.

Tatiyana Giddings meets with Melissa De Hoyos, an Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner, to discuss the importance of caring for yourself and the benefits of maintaining your overall health. If this conversation about women’s health speaks to you, speak to us:

Meet Melissa De Hoyos, NP

Melissa De Hoyos is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner who believes in educating her patients on the importance of making good decisions that influence their overall health and quality of life. She ensures that every visit with her patients targets ways to help them understand their bodies in a judgmental-free environment.

Melissa De Hoyos

Women’s Health Resources

Urogynecology is a specialized field treating all conditions of the female urinary and reproductive tract. Previously, JPS didn’t have a specified pelvic floor Rehabilitation Therapist until De Hoyos decided to get certified to help make it affordable and fill the need.

In the podcast, De Hoyos mentions women should start getting their screening at 21 years old, regardless if they are sexually active or not. The CDC provides information on what to know about screenings.

De Hoyos says, “you’re not supposed to be cleaning.” She suggests you avoid cleaning inside the vagina with cleansers or douches because it is like a self-cleaning oven. Doing so can cause many infections including Bacterial Vaginosis because you are not only eliminating bad bacteria but also good bacteria.

“As a general rule, typically, the [Emergency Department] is not where we do screening exams,” De Hoyos said. “It is where we have an emergent issue and it is identified and treated where it is no longer urgent and the patient is sent to follow up with their primary care and that’s where we do the screening.” If you are looking for a facility for women’s health, contact JPS Health Network's Health Center for Women or Northwest Health Center for Women.

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The JPS Podcast is hosted by: Tatiyana Giddings and Brian Maschino

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Special thanks to Melissa De Hoyos for providing information about women maintaining and prioritizing their health.