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The JPS Podcast: In It Together

The JPS Podcast: In It Together, JPS Health Network Peer Support Program

Season 4: Episode 5 Show Notes

Overcoming mental health issues or substance abuse is no easy feat, especially if facing it alone. The Peer Support Program at JPS helps advocate and mentor patients to assist them on their recovery journey.

Brian Maschino and Tatiyana Giddings meet with Jennifer Burgess, Manager of Behavioral Transitions and Care Management, to learn more about the Peer Support Program and its benefits. They also look deeper into the program by speaking to Peer Support Specialists Frances Wall and Melanie Cooper, who share their stories on what led them here and how they use their recovery to inspire others. If this conversation speaks to you, speak to us:

If you need behavioral health resources, someone to talk to, or help scheduling an appointment, visit the JPS Behavioral Health page.

Behavioral Health Resources

BH Peer Support Line: 817-702-5075

BH Care Management Line: 817-702-3121

Family Support: 817-702-3636

BH Scheduling: 817-702-3100


Impact of JPS Peer Support Team

“Peers are people with lived experiences. We’ve also gone through things so we can empathize and understand where they are coming from and try to help them get back to wellness, just like we did,” Frances Wall, Peer Support Specialist, said. Watch this video to get more insight into the impact of the Peer Support program and the team.


The JPS Podcast Credits:

The JPS Podcast is hosted by: Brian Maschino and Tatiyana Giddings

Executive Producer: Jessica Virnoche

Producers: Brian Maschino, Tatiyana Giddings, and Gaspar Hinojosa

Audio Mixing and Recording: Gaspar Hinojosa

Editing: Brian Maschino

Art: Jessica Aguillard

Special thanks to Jennifer Burgess, Melanie Cooper, and Frances Wall for taking the time out of their busy schedules to sit down with us, have fun and be vulnerable for a bit.