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Fulfilling the Mission

JPS Health Network, Shannon Fletcher, Vice President and Chief of Staff

Shannon Fletcher, Vice President and Chief of Staff, grew up in the Lake Como community, where she learned the significance of advocating for underserved communities from a young age. Her passion for service-oriented missions, combined with volunteering and shadowing trailblazers in her community, helped her gain the experience needed to establish the foundation of her career.

Fletcher emphasizes the importance of having a personal mission and how her career opportunities have helped her fulfill it. That's why, when she joined JPS Health Network, she felt a strong connection to its mission and works hard every day to positively impact the population the organization serves.

"Since I've connected with JPS as an employee, it has really fulfilled my why."

"At this stage of my life, I have to connect to the bigger mission and vision of an organization," said Fletcher. "It's the only thing that sustains me and drives me to continue to work, grow, develop, and provide better service. I'm not patient-facing, but I understand where I operate to support those patient-focused areas, so that's crucial to me. As a native of Fort Worth in the Lake Como community, I saw firsthand the needs and hardships in our community, so it becomes very personal."

The mission of JPS is to transform healthcare delivery in Tarrant County. By addressing the needs arising from the county's rapid population growth and the increasing demand for medical care. The network prioritizes making an impact on the community in several ways, which makes the culture of JPS special to Fletcher.

"JPS not just focused on medical care but the social determinants of health. We fill the gap as a safety-net in so many ways by reducing health disparities, providing access to food for our patient population, and providing access to resources related to transportation through our partnerships with Uber Health,” said Fletcher. “That mission is very central to what we do. Our patients are our true north. They are our ‘why’ because we care for the most vulnerable. Working at JPS is humbling and rewarding."

Fletcher's commitment to JPS is driven by her desire to serve a meaningful purpose and is sustained by the stories of team members and patients. "JPS is family," she says, and she truly lives by this. She has even inspired her niece to complete her nursing residency at JPS, hoping to make a lasting impact on the community.

"Since I've connected with JPS as an employee, it has really fulfilled my why," Fletcher said. "When you walk through the halls of our hospital, you encounter a diverse group of individuals from different walks of life, each with unique needs. Knowing that we can serve their needs gives me a sense of fulfillment that I am doing my part to contribute to the betterment of our community."