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Earley Sings JPS Praises Far and Wide

President and CEO Robert Earley

Where is JPS Health Network President and CEO Robert Earley today?

Chances are, if you don’t see him roaming the halls and making the rounds with team members inside health network buildings, he’s on the road telling the JPS success story to yet another rapt audience.

“Mr. Earley flies the JPS banner of ‘Own it, Seek joy, Don’t be a jerk’ to audiences throughout the country,” according to JPS Senior Vice President of Community Affairs and Development J.R. Labbe. “From local Rotary clubs and chambers of commerce to serving as the keynote speaker at international conferences such as the recent What’s Right in Healthcare Conference, Earley enlightens and entertains people who otherwise have little or no knowledge about JPS.”

So why talk to these groups? According to Labbe, it’s about building recognition and influence for an organization working to transform how we provide healthcare to our community’s most vulnerable patients. It’s about bringing pride to our 6,700 team members and it’s about recruiting the best candidates who want to be part of an organization where a culture of caring prevails.

Own it, Seek joy, Don't be a jerk

Keynote speakers don’t just show up at conferences and wait for the microphone to be passed. They’re highly sought after by organizations who want to hear how the best and brightest get things done. They’re often paid a handsome amount of money to share their wisdom. When Earley receives an honorarium for his speeches, he donates it directly to the JPS Foundation to support the great care our team members give every day to our patients and their families.

In addition to speaking to tour groups who come to JPS to see the people and facilities which save and improve lives, Earley on July 23 spoke to the Southlake Chamber of Commerce about leadership and changing culture. After speaking to the audience at the What’s Right in Health Care international conference in Grapevine August 15, he spoke about the future of JPS following the approval of an $800 million bond election to the Rotary Club of Fort Worth. He spoke at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Panel on Healthcare Sept. 25 and on Oct. 29, at the Community College Business Officers national conference on the subject of leadership and changing culture, and recently was interviewed for an episode of the Healthy Conversations podcast.