Affordable pregnancy testing

Affordable pregnancy testing. No appointment necessary.

JPS offers walk-in pregnancy testing at our Health Centers for Women and Stop Six/Walter B. Barbour Health Center. We will give you the results immediately. We can help you make an appointment with a JPS healthcare provider to talk about caring for yourself while you are pregnant, known as prenatal care. The cost is $27, and a discount may be available.

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Prenatal care: Your baby's health depends on yours.

Are you expecting a baby? Come see us! While you are pregnant, it is important to the health and future of your baby that you visit your healthcare provider regularly.

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OB Triage

OB Triage. Urgent care for pregnant patients.

Patients who need immediate medical attention related to pregnancy can go to the OB Triage unit at John Peter Smith Hospital at any time of day or night for care.

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Welcome Baby

Welcome baby. The birthing experience at JPS.

Our obstetrical program offers a wealth of amenities to help make childbirth a wonderful and positive experience for the whole family. Our team members are trained to take the best care of you and your newborn.

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Breastfeeding. Supporting nursing moms.

JPS encourages and supports early breastfeeding and provides moms with all the necessary support to exclusively breastfeed while in the hospital and after they leave John Peter Smith Hospital.

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Special needs

Special needs. Specialized care for women and newborns.

We are here for you and your family in special situations, including providing advanced care for mothers who have complications in pregnancy and newborns who need extra medical attention. We provide a superior level of care in an environment of personal attention, compassion and respect.

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Staying healthy

Staying healthy. Complete women's healthcare.

JPS provides outpatient healthcare for women in their teen years and throughout their lives, offering primary care as well as women's healthcare services such as well woman exams, walk in pregnancy tests, mammograms and breastfeeding support.

To make an appointment, please call 817-702-6500.
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Before & Between. Care for women of childbearing age

Everyone knows that healthcare is good for pregnant women. But babies can be affected by what happens long before their mothers become pregnant. The baby you have someday will benefit from the healthcare that you receive today.

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Mom and Baby Special Services

Mom and Baby Special Services

The JPS Mom and Baby Special Services Program is designed to help pregnant women and women who have recently given birth handle issues such as mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence.

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Information about visiting

Information about visiting. When to come and where to go.

Support from friends and family is important to helping patients feel comfortable during their stay in the hospital. We encourage loved ones to visit. Visitation may be restricted at any time for safety or health reasons.

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