Mom and Baby Special Services

The JPS Mom and Baby Special Services Program, formerly known as “Mom and Baby Drug Free For the Health of It!,” begun in 1990 to address the problem of substance abuse by pregnant women who delivered their infants at John Peter Smith Hospital, in Tarrant County, Texas. Specifically, the program began in response to a high incidence of drug -exposed infants in the hospital’s NICU and the resulting concern about the impact of drug use by pregnant women on hospital and follow-up costs. It is a mother/infant intervention program designed to assist pregnant and postpartum women to constructively deal with such issues as mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Its purpose is to improve birth outcomes and decrease the incidence of birth defects, child abuse and neglect, decrease the infant mortality rate, and promote family health and well-being. With voluntary enrollment in the program and agreement to participate in the process, women receive free services and education at JPS Health Centers, other community agency service sites such as DFPS offices; or in their home. Participants who are enrolled in the program are assigned a case manager with special training in addictions/abuse and offers individualized care and emphasizes the importance of early prenatal care. 

 Who do you help? 

  • Pregnant and postpartum (up to 18 months post pregnancy)who are Tarrant county residents who are identified as being at risk of having, or who have, a substance use disorder as well as, females referred by the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) who are identified as being at risk of having, or who have a substance use disorder and who have children under the age of six. 

 How do I access the program?  

  • Clients become eligible if they have one or more of the following risk factors: 
    • Teen pregnancy 
    • Current or past involvement with DFPS 
    • Current or past use/abuse or dependence on, alcohol/ or drugs 
    • Current or past domestic violence 
    • Current or past mental health problems 
    • Living in a household with a person who abuses alcohol or drugs 
    • Current or past history of sexual, emotional or physical abuse 
    • Late or no prenatal care 
    • Financial distress 
  • Anyone can call directly or have the patient call 817-702-7322. 
  • Anyone or patients can also e-mail the program coordinator directly at 
  • Referrals from providers outside the JPS Health Network should call or e-mail, or have the patient call or e-mail. 

 What services do you offer?   

  • Prevention/education group counseling at no cost for its clients and to individuals in the community. Bi-monthly program services include educational groups led by various community agencies, 12 Step (NA/AA) meetings, and parenting classes, life management skills, and education focused activities.  Transportation, refreshments and childcare are provided for these group meetings. 
  • Alternative activities such as field trips and outreach activities to promote quality time and bonding within families. 
  • Case management services, information and education, assistance with clinic appointments, referral to community agencies/services, or other JPS services such as health centers, OB triage, health promotions, or behavioral health.  
  • Follow-up services are offered to women who need assistance at no cost 

 Contact Information:  

Program Coordinator:
LaTasha Hinson, LCSW
2500 Circle Drive, Suite 100
Fort Worth, Texas 76119