Stop the Bleed

August 18th, 2016

Bystanders have saved countless lives with CPR. What if bystanders also knew what to do about a bleeding wound? Could civilian training lower the death toll in active shooter/mass casualty events? Trauma surgeons think so.

Stop the BleedThe Level I Trauma Center at JPS Health Network is launching a course to teach ordinary citizens how to control life-threatening bleeding, including how and when to apply a tourniquet. Trauma hospitals in other cities are doing likewise, joining an initiative called Stop the Bleed, developed by the American College of Surgeons and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

“A person bleeding from an artery can die in as little as three minutes,” said Dr. Raj Gandhi, trauma medical director at JPS. “It’s the most frequent cause of preventable death from injury, and one third of those deaths are potentially preventable.”

Preparing to take Stop the Bleed into the community, Trauma Services is growing a pool of nurses and other medical personnel trained to teach the course. Free classes for community groups are expected to start in September. Among the first students will be staff members at Fort Worth Community Centers.

As well as citizens better prepared for active shooter/mass casualty incidents, the long-term goal is to see Stop the Bleed kits mounted alongside defibrillators in public places such as schools, theaters, churches and shopping malls, where large numbers of people congregate.

Register for a Free Stop The Bleed Class

Anyone interested in participating in Stop the Bleed should contact Mary Ann Contreras, RN, violence and injury prevention manager in Trauma Services, 817-702-8814,

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