Rumor, Meet Marjorie

August 12th, 2013

Nurse Marjorie Pineda arrived in Texas knowing little about Fort Worth. Everything she knew about the area's hospitals came from fellow nurses and co-workers at the hospital she went to work for after finishing nursing school in the Philippines. And the tales she heard about JPS ... Suffice to say she never expected to want a job here. 

It's often said a reputation is difficult to build but easily destroyed. Alas, old stereotypes linger. "I heard all kinds of things, terrible things, about working at JPS," said Pineda, who came to the U.S. with a group of nurses recruited by HCCA International and placed at HCA hospitals in North Texas.

As they completed 2.5-year contracts with the recruiting agency, some scattered to other hospitals, remaining a tight-knit group of friends that celebrate every birthday and holiday together, calling themselves the Hurst-Pinoys.

 Nurse Group 600 

Then a friend's father had a heart procedure at JPS, and Pineda came to visit. "That was the first time I set foot at JPS," she recalled. "And what I saw was not anything like all the things I had heard. I couldn't believe it." Already on the hunt for a PACU job, she elevated JPS to the top of her list and applied for the next opening. "And the rest," she said, "is history." But that's not the end of the story.

At home in the PACU and winning high praise from manager Julie Fields, Pineda no longer sits still for any trash-talk. She drowns it out, putting the power of positive word-of-mouth to work for JPS. No fewer than six members of the Hurst-Pinoys now are JPS team members. There's Pineda and Marites Panopio, a nurse and team leader in the Cardiac Unit, and Panopio's husband, Ricky Panopio, multi-skilled tech in the Integrated Specialty Unit. There's Stephanie Tabingo, another nurse in the Cardiac Unit, who found at JPS both a career and her husband, Fernando Elizondo, an LVN in Correctional Health. Yujin Sapnu is a nurse in Urgent Care, Thomas Joseph is a nurse in Progressive Care, and Maica Malabago is a post-partum nurse on 2 North.

"We tell everybody," Pineda said, "that JPS is a great place to work."

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