A Good Catch — Persistence

December 4th, 2017

Dec. 4, 2017 — Back at JPS for a follow-up appointment, the recently discharged man in his 30s wanted his IV removed. Seemed reasonable to him, given that his two-day course of antibiotics was finished, administered by a home-health nurse. Nurse Practitioner Terrie Estes wasn’t so sure.

Terrie Estes

The patient had been hospitalized with osteomyelitis, a bone infection. A two-day course of antibiotics seemed inadequate. Was that what his doctor intended? Estes checked and, sure enough, that’s what had been ordered. She didn’t stop there, however, and her review of the case determined that what the doctor intended was not two days but six weeks of IV antibiotics.

“Fortunately,” Estes said, “he only missed one dose, because that’s a very serious infection.”

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