Flu Patient

January 10th, 2014

1/31/2014 UPDATE: H1N1 flu victim that nearly died is back home in Arlington.  

One of this season’s most seriously ill flu victims tells WFAA News 8 reporter Todd Unger that she got to JPS just in time to save her life. Julie Shelley, now back home in Arlington, was brought to the Emergency Department just before Christmas and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with flu complications including pneumonia and sepsis. "Doctors said a day later it would've been too late,” she says. Five weeks later, she is working on building back lung function and finishing up an antibiotic.


The parents of a previously healthy woman hospitalized with the this season’s severe strain of flu credit “top notch” medical care and the prayers of thousands of Facebook well-wishers for her continuing recovery from complications including pneumonia and sepsis.

“She continues to get the best care,” writes Barbara Wooten, whose daughter has been at JPS since December 22, on a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit for much of the time. “How blessed we are that Julie is in this facility and that all of you are praying with us for her recovery.”

Wooten and her husband, Sonny, shared their daughter’s story with WFAA Channel 8 reporter Todd Unger on Thursday, hoping the severity of her illness might encourage others to get vaccinated against the flu. The Wootens got their shots this year. Their daughter, Julie Wooten Shelly, did not.

“We’re telling everyone, get a shot,” Barbara Wooten said. “This flu is dangerous for everyone. And it’s not over.”

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