Women's Services


At JPS, we deliver over 6,000 babies a year - approximately 20% of all deliveries in Tarrant County. Our obstetrical program offers a wealth of amenities to help make childbirth a wonderful and positive experience.

Maternity services at JPS begin long before the day of delivery. Parenthood is about much more than giving birth, and JPS offers unique prenatal services to help new mothers prepare for the arrival of a new family member and ensure that every child born at JPS has the best possible start in life.

JPS is among the first in the region to become a designated Centering Pregnancy center, offering women the opportunity to receive expanded prenatal care under a new model that’s been tied to better birth outcomes. Expectant mothers in Centering Pregnancy prepare for motherhood in a small group setting, enjoying the benefits extended time with nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers, as well as the support of other new mothers. At JPS, the goal is that every pregnant woman begin receiving prenatal care by the 13th week of pregnancy, and women in Centering Pregnancy meet at least weekly until their babies are born.

In addition, JPS promotes newborn sleep safety through the promotion of Safe to Sleep patient education. Focused on safe sleep habits for newborns, the program is shared with new parents through discharge teaching in the hospital and through its Centering Pregnancy prenatal groups.