Tornado Safety

May 21st, 2013

As we think about the tornado victims in North Texas and Oklahoma and wish them a successful recovery, know how to protect yourself and your family.

  • Go to the lowest possible level of a building or structure (the first floor, basement, storm cellar.)
  • Shelter in an interior room with no windows, such as a closet or bathroom.
  • Get underneath a sturdy piece of furniture and cover your neck and head.
  • Avoid places/rooms with wide-span roofs (cafeterias, gymnasiums, shopping malls.)
  • Mobile Homes are not safe shelters;  if you live in one, make plans before the storm arrives to get to a pre-planned shelter.
  • Apartment dwellers should have a plan in place to get to an apartment on the lowest level of the complex.  Contact your Leasing Office.
  • Do not attempt to outrun a tornado in your automobile. Seek shelter inside a nearby building.  Be sure not to choose a large box store with a wide-span roof.
  • If stranded outside, lie down in a ditch or low lying area away from vehicles, but remain aware of possible flash flooding.
  • Do not seek shelter underneath a bridge or overpass.

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