Faculty & Staff

We have 21 full time faculty members, 20 clinical faculty members and one full time biomechanical engineer devoted to resident education in all areas of orthopedic surgery.

Brian Webb, M.D.  Brian Webb, MD - Interim Chairman
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Sports Medicine Surgery
Russell Wagner, M.D.  Russell Wagner, MD - Orthopedic Program Director
Adult Reconstruction
Brian Carpenter, D.P.M.  Brian Carpenter, DPM - Podiatry Program Director
Foot and Ankle Surgery
Daniel Clearfield, D.O.  Daniel Clearfield, DO - Sports Medicine 
Cory Collinge, M.D.  Cory Collinge, MD - Trauma Surgery 
Thad J Dean DO.jpg




Thad Dean, DO - Adult Reconstruction 
Douglas Dickson, M.D.  Douglas Dickson, MD - Spine Surgery 
Alan Garret, D.P.M.  Alan Garrett, DPM - Foot and Ankle Surgery 
Mayme Richie-Gillespie, M.D.  Mayme Richie-Gillespie, MD - Orthopedic Oncology Surgery 
sarah kennedy Sarah Kennedy, DO - Sports Medicine
Elizabeth Bloomfield, P.A.-C.  Elizabeth Bloomfield, PA-C - Physician Assistant 
Victor Kosmopoulas, M.D.  Victor Kosmopoulas, PhD - Biomechanical Research 
levine Lena Levine, DPM - Foot and Ankle Surgery
David M. Lichtman, M.D. David M. Lichtman, MD - Hand/Upper Extremity
Travis Motley, D.P.M.  Travis Motley, DPM - Foot and Ankle Surgery 
Arvind D. Nana, M.D.  Arvind D. Nana, MD - Orthopedic Trauma 
Timothy Niacaris, M.D.  Timothy Niacaris, MD, PhD - Hand/Upper Extremity 
di lin parks Di Lin Parks - Upper Extremity/Shoulder
Hugo Sanchez, M.D.  Hugo Sanchez, MD, PhD - Adult Reconstruction 
Alan Stockard, D.O.  Alan Stockard, DO - Sports Medicine 
Michael Wimmer, M.D.  Michael Wimmer, MD - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
Bobby Wroten, M.D.  Bobby Wroten, MD - Hand Surgery 
Rob Burke, M.D.  Ron Burke, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
John Conway, M.D.  John Conway, MD – Sports Medicine, Surgery 
Charles Cook, M.D.  Charles Cook, MD – Foot & Ankle Surgery 
Ted Crofford, M.D.  Ted Crofford, MD – Adult Reconstruction 
David Gray, M.D.  David Gray, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Hinton Hamilton, M.D.  Hinton Hamilton, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Jason Kennedy, M.D.  Jason Kennedy, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Matthew Mayfield, M.D.  Matthew Mayfield, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Larry Messer, M.D.  Larry Messer, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Richard Schuster, M.D.  Richard Schuster, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Pam Sherman, M.D.  Pam Sherman, MD – Pediatric Hand Surgery 
Chris Vara, M.D.  Chris Vara, MD – Pediatric Surgery 
Keith Watson, M.D.  Keith Watson, MD – Shoulder Surgery