Top Docs

March 28th, 2018

A total of 72 physicians with JPS credentials are on Fort Worth Magazine’s 2018 list of Top Docs, named by fellow physicians as the best in their specialty.

Fort Worth Magazine’s Top Docs are nominated by members of the Tarrant County Medical Society and the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, who are invited to complete an online ballot. The results are reviewed by a panel of physicians.

The magazine’s Top Docs issue hits newsstands in April. The following physicians with JPS credentials are on the 2018 list. Members of Acclaim Physician Group are indicated with an asterisk.

Andrew Beaty, MD

Breast Surgery
Anita Chow, MD
Joseph Heyne, MD

Paul Bhella, MD *           
Vassilis Dimas, MD *      
Scott Ewing, DO               
Sandeep Kamath *
Y. Darren Kumar, MD * 
David Slife, DO *                              
Balaji Veerappan *

Cardiothoracic Surgery
James Anderson, MD    
Seyed Khalafi, MD

Colorectal Surgery
Lori Gordon, MD

Stephen Weis, DO

Monte Troutman, DO

Family Practice
Jason Brewington, MD *

General Surgery
John Mark Bayouth, MD

Janice Knebl, DO
Sarah Ross, DO

Kathleen Crowley, MD *
Prasanthi Ganesa, MD
Mary Milam, MD
Henry Xiong, MD
Robyn Young, MD

Internal Medicine
David Capper, MD *
Alvin Mathe, DO

Maternal Fetal Medicine/Perinatology
April Bleich, MD
Bannie Tabor, MD

Ira Epstein, DO
Geethanjali Ramamurthy, MD
Daniel Richey, DO

Kirit Shah, MD

Tracy Papa, DO

Bibas Reddy, DO

Oluwatosin Smith, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
Bret Beavers, MD
Stephen Brotherton, MD
Thad Dean, DO *
Douglas Dickson, MD *
Bryan Ming, MD *
Arvind Nana, MD *
Timothy Niacaris, MD *
Mayme Richie-Gillespie, MD *
Di Lin Parks, MD *
Hugo Sanchez, MD *
Russell Wagner, MD *
Brian Webb, MD *
Bobby Wroten, MD *

Ricardo Cristobal, MD
John Fewins, MD
Michelle Marcincuk, MD

Pain Management
Robert Menzies, MD

Pediatric Cardiology
Matthew Dzurik, MD

Suzanne Kelley, MD *


Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Jonathan Heistein, MD
Larry Reaves, MD

Helene Alphonso, DO *
Joseph Burkett, MD
Dustin DeMoss, DO *
Marija Djokovic, MD
Elma Granado, MD *
Jamie Huff, DO *
Cheryl Hurd, MD *
Prema Manjunath, MD *
Carol Nati, MD
Nekesha Oliphant, MD *
Alan Podawiltz, DO *
Les Smith, MD *
Delwin Williams, MD *
Anthony Scott Winter, MD *

Radiation Oncology
Matthew Cavey, MD

Rehabilitation/Physical Medicine
Michael Wimmer, MD *

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