Soothing sounds

March 19th, 2014

Laurence Furr on Harp 

Music is now available for patients and visitors at JPS Health Network.

Patients on Tower floors seven and nine were the first on Friday to enjoy the ethereal sounds of Laurence Furr on his harp. Furr, director of music at Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Worth, is the first of what Volunteer Services hopes will be a variety of musicians sharing their talents with patients at JPS. As well as the harp, Furr plays a Native American flute.

Music has been used in healing as far back as Ancient Greece. In the biblical story of Saul, his spirit is renewed by David on his harp. Modern medical research has shown music to be therapeutic, lowering heart rate, blood pressure and pain, when used with traditional treatments.

Volunteer Services is working with Nursing to identify patients most likely to benefit from private time with Furr, who is studying to be a Certified Clinical Musician. Clinical musicians are trained in areas such as infection control and HIPAA, and to recognize the subtle difference between performing on stage and performing a service (the latter expects nothing in return.)

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