JPS Patients Share Why They Love Their Doctors

March 30th, 2018

Phoebe Ogola wanted to compliment her JPS care team, so she put pen to paper one day and wrote down her thoughts.

Her two physicians, Urussa Jabbar, DO, a family medicine physician at the Medical Home Southeast Tarrant in Arlington, and Paul Bhella, MD, a JPS cardiologist, are “the best – very caring and friendly. They treat me as part of the family.”

To her delight, Phoebe’s letter was shared with JPS executives and managers at their monthly Leadership Connection meeting.

Dr. Urussa Jabbar and patient Phoebe Ogola

Dr. Urussa Jabbar and patient Phoebe Ogola

“I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the care I get at JPS. They have given me the best services in my life,” she says.

It is not just that her doctors provide excellent health care. It is important to her that she feels welcome when she comes to JPS and she appreciates that her physicians don’t make her feel rushed during her visits.

“When I have questions for Dr. Jabbar, she always answers me in a way I understand,” Phoebe says. “She takes the time to explain it to me until I know exactly what is going on with my health.

“Doctors are always busy,” Phoebe said. “I enjoy being her patient because she treats me with a lot of patience, kindness and love. She is just a part of my family because of how she takes care of me.”


Dr. Sumitha Altluri with patient Mylene Le

Dr. Sumitha Altluri with patient Mylene Le

Patient Mylene Le recently brought a huge bouquet of flowers to surprise her doctor during lunchtime at Medical Home Southeast Tarrant.

“You do everything for me,” she told Sumitha Atluri, MD, an internal medicine specialist. “You are the best doctor in the world! Thank you!”

When Mylene found Dr. Atluri, she knew this doctor was special. So Mylene is not surprised that Dr. Atluri has been honored as JPS Physician of the Year.

“I have seen a lot of doctors. They take five minutes and then they have to go. They’re just quick, quick, quick and then done,” Mylene said.  “She looks at me. She pays attention to me. She listens to me. She takes care of her patients the way a mom takes care of her kids. I want to stay with her forever.”


Patient Jessica Stewart

Patient Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart, of Bedford, is a patient at the JPS Surgical Specialty Clinic - Ophthalmology and has seen several doctors in the ophthalmology department.

 “What makes me feel good is when I go there they already know me. I don’t have to keep telling them my name. When I go I always feel welcome,” Jessica says. “Dr. Salman Rahman has just been so awesome. If I have questions, he is so patient with me. He really cares about patients and does his research. He goes over what I’m supposed to do so that I understand.”


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