The Frog Letters

December 5th, 2013

Always in the news, JPS is now in a new book by a Fort Worth woman who chronicles her family’s cancer journey through the imaginary eyes of an unlikely observer— a small frog figurine that she took from a stranger’s yard and carried with her through the loss of a beloved sister.

“I could never say enough good things about JPS,” said author Diana Rae, whose sister was a patient at the JPS Center for Cancer Care. Their brother and father also battled cancer simultaneously. “You’re not going to find a more competent or caring staff anywhere.” Dr. Elie Choufani, her sister’s oncologist, “is one of the most amazing people. There just are not enough words ….” Indeed, she finds quite a few good words in The Frog Letters.

frogDiana Rae saw the frog often while walking near her sister’s home and, one day, she snatched him up. Worrying later that the frog might be special to its owner, she wrote a letter — ostensibly from the frog — explaining that he was keeping her company and would return someday. More letters followed over the course of three-and-a-half years.

Fox 4 News was along when Diana Rae finally met the frog’s owner, who kept every frog letter. Battling illness, herself, for many years, the homeowner told reporter Shaun Rabb that the frog letters were therapeutic for her, too. The story is appearing on Fox stations across the country. 

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