Flag Raising for Kammey Rae

April 17th, 2017

JPS and LifeGift team members will gather on Friday morning to hoist the Donate Life Flag at JPS and honor organ donors and their families, including the mother of an Azle woman who became a donor under extraordinary circumstances.

Organ, tissue and eye donation occurs after next of kin have given consent. In the rare case of Kammey Rae Bagwell, the patient gave her own consent before life support was discontinued at her request.

Kammey RaeA motorcycle accident left Bagwell with an unrepairable C4 spinal cord injury at the base of her neck, leaving her paralyzed from there down, permanently unable breathe on her own.

“She hated the tube,” said her mother, Neta Acuna, who will be at JPS on Friday. “She could only communicate by nodding her head yes or shaking her head no. Imagine living like that, laying there looking at people with all these things you want to say, not being able to talk.” Bagwell chose not to.

Accepting her fate as God’s will, she chose instead to give life to others through donation of her kidneys, heart valves and other tissue. She had been a registered organ and tissue donor since 2010.

“She was so strong in her faith,” her mother said. “We always talked about God. He’s always been there.” Bagwell saw her mother nearly every day. Whenever the two parted, one or the other was likely to say, “Okay, if I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll see you there,’” referring to the afterlife.

“The last thing I told her that I know she heard was, ‘I love you. I’ll see you there,’” Acuna said.

Friday’s Flag Raising ceremony begins at 9 a.m. in the Swati Gandhi Memorial Garden, in the park south of the Patient Care Pavilion. All JPS team members are welcome to attend.

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