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October 15th, 2018

Primary health care is not just about seeing your doctor when you get sick or hurt. Regular exams and health screenings are also important to keep you well and to catch health problems early on.

JPS Health Network operates clinics that provide healthcare for everyone in the family: babies, toddlers, teens, adults, and senior adults. These community health centers are strategically located throughout Tarrant County in the neighborhoods where our patients live to make access to their care team easy.

JPS Health Network

JPS Health Network Klabzuba Clinic patient Valerie O'Brien, from left, has her blood pressure checked by CMA Denise Moreno in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Kevin Fujii/JPS Health Network)

The aim of primary care is to promote wellness so patients can live life to their fullest, says Bill Henderson, Director of Primary Care at JPS.

JPS community health centers that offer primary care are called “medical homes.” A medical home is a one-stop shop for patients to take care of all of their health care needs. It is a model of care that treats the whole person, with a team of providers focused on everything from medical and behavioral health care to nutrition and case management.

This week, JPS opened its newest location, the JPS Medical Home Northeast Tarrant in Euless. It offers  primary care, women’s health, sick visits, optometry, laboratory, and radiology services. This location also has a dental clinic and, in a first for a JPS health center, a pharmacy with drive-through services.

What is primary care? Primary care is routine healthcare from a family medicine doctor or another provider like a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. The patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) can care for common problems like colds and sprained ankles, and help promote good health through preventative medicine. They can order bloodwork and prescribe medications, including those to care for chronic health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Primary care at JPS: JPS operates health centers conveniently located at the Main Campus in Fort Worth and in neighborhoods throughout Tarrant County.

Primary care services include:

  • Providing health screenings to detect cancer and other diseases early
  • Providing checkups and immunizations
  • Managing common health problems
  • Treating patients when they are sick
  • Referring patients to other doctors when they need more specialized care
  • Performing school and work physicals

Patients do not need a referral to schedule an appointment at a primary care clinic.

New patients start with a welcome appointment to get familiar with the many medical services offered at JPS and to review their medical history. A new patient appointment will be scheduled will a primary care provider.

Language translation is available at all JPS locations. 

Be sure to bring your identification, insurance information and current medications. It’s also helpful to provide any records of vaccinations, past surgeries, and recent medical tests. 

How to Get Connected to JPS Primary Care

JPS Medical Homes: JPS is a community healthcare system. Our medical homes are located throughout Tarrant County.

Most are open Monday through Saturday and offer same-day sick visits. They provide care to infants, children, adults and senior adults. Many clinics provide comprehensive services in one location, including laboratory tests, dental services, pharmacy and imaging (such as x-rays and ultrasound).

Get connected: call 817-702-1100 to schedule an appointment.

Family Health Center: This clinic cares for children and adults of all ages. It is located at the Main Campus, 1500 S. Main St., Fort Worth, on the Fourth Floor, next to the Red Elevators.

Get connected: call 817-702-1100 to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Center: This clinic provides primary care to infants, children, and adolescents. It is located at JPS Professional Office Complex, 1400 S. Main St. Fort Worth, on the Fourth Floor.

Get connected: call 817-702-1307 to schedule an appointment.

JPS Magnolia Health Center: This clinic is designed to meet the unique needs of patients age 60 and older, often called geriatrics. It is located at JPS Professional Office Complex, 1400 S. Main St. Fort Worth, on the Fourth Floor. Senior adults can also receive primary care at any of our community clinics.

Get connected: Call 817-702-1581 to schedule an appointment.

School-Based Health Centers

JPS Health Network offers 19 school-based health centers in 13 school districts to help students get well and stay well. These clinics are open all year, even during the summer, to students and their brothers and sisters. The clinics offer school physicals, care for colds and flu, immunizations and treatment for health problems like asthma, diabetes and obesity.

Get connected:  Call the clinic in your school district that is closest to you.


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