Blood donors in the lead

Blood donor Louis Perez

August 5th, 2014

JPS blood donors, give yourselves a hand. Carter BloodCare reports that JPS has run away with the hospital lead, providing more blood than any other entity in the Medical District.

Blood donors at JPS have provided 214 units of blood so far this year. The hospital in second place has provided 126 units.

“I’m so proud of JPS,” said Florence Shaw, JPS Blood Bank supervisor. The most recent blood drive, on July 29, broke JPS’s own record, she said.

Carter BloodCare’s goal for the day was 44 units of whole blood and 10 double-red donations. But JPS team members gave 64 units of whole blood and 16 double-reds. “People who work here are keenly aware of the need for blood in the summertime. They know how important it is. And they step up,” Shaw said.


Louis Perez

Pictured: Louis Perez, multi-skilled tech in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

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