JPS Adds More Psychiatric Beds


JPS has completed the addition of 16 adult in-patient beds to Trinity Springs Pavilion, the Network's psychiatric facility that is utilized for psychiatric crisis stabilization, short-term psychiatric mental health treatment and family education. The addition is in reaction to recent community listening and focus group sessions held by JPS during its Strategic Planning Update Process.

The need for mental health services in Tarrant County continues to grow, and the addition of the beds will assist patients in receiving care and services more quickly. "We expect to see 15,000-16,000 patients in our psychiatric emergency department this year," JPS Chief Nursing Officer Adonna Lowe said. "That's an increase from about 12,000 four years ago."  

The need for mental health services is continuing to grow despite the lack of funding available through federal, state and private resources.  "According to Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation's 2000 report Equity of Resource Allocation, Texas ranked 43rd in the U. S. with a mental health per capita expenditure rate of $38.76 compared to $64.31 nationally or 60 percent of the national average.  More staggering to note is that Tarrant County ranked 31st out of 35 reporting counties with a per capita state mental health allocation of $20.76. This is only 32 percent of the national average and only 54 percent of the state average."  Mental Health Connection President Patsy Thomas said. "National numbers indicated that approximately 20 percent of people suffer from mental illness in this community."

The additional beds brings the total number of psychiatric beds available at Trinity Springs Pavilion to 70 (54 adult and 16 adolescent). The new beds are located in what was previously used as office space for an outside vendor. Approximately 13 full-time positions will be added to the unit.