5 Rings Award

August 7th, 2014

The Materials Management team at JPS has brought home the 2014 IntelliCentrics 5 Rings Award and a $5,000 donation to the JPS Foundation, recognized for one of the country’s best visitor and vendor credentialing systems.

“John Peter Smith Hospital’s commitment to safeguarding patients and staff is among the best in the nation,” said Gregory Goyne, an IntelliCentrics vice president.

IntelliCentrics is the security company that operates Reptrax, the largest visitor and vendor credentialing system in the world. Annual 5 Ring Award winners are chosen after a review of systems in place at more than 6,500 facilities.

“Your facility earned its place as one of this year’s five most vigilant hospitals,” Goyne said in email to Jason Limbaugh, director of Materials Management at JPS. “JPS employees have demonstrated that they take great interest in knowing who is in their facility, and ensuring these commercial visitors have the proper training, insurance, background checks and immunizations.”

Limbaugh said Reptrax is a team effort. “The Purchasing staff ensures that vendors doing business with the network are in compliance. Warehouse team members also assist when needed and are fully trained on the system.”

Vendor credentialing is a significant patient safety issue, as pharmaceutical and medical device sellers and service people are a constant presence and require access to patient areas. It’s also a community health issue, according to IntelliCentrics CEO Mike Sheehan.

“A recent study suggests there is a strong correlation between how many healthcare personnel are vaccinated against the flu and how many cases of flu are reported in the community, Sheehan said. “So ensuring that hospital employees and third-party visitors are vaccinated for the seasonal flu can actually improve community health.”


Materials Management Team

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