The Birthing Experience

At JPS we deliver over 6,000 babies a year - approximately 20% of all deliveries in Tarrant County. 

Our hospital's obstetrical program offers a wealth of amenities to help make childbirth a wonderful and positive experience while giving families the confidence and security of knowing that the medical care they receive is among the best and most advanced in the area. Plus, we have more than 40 expert physicians leading the way in women's and pediatric medicine.

We have 15 private labor and delivery room suites with all amenities available - space for your family members to be present for the birth experience. Our operative delivery suites are also available should you need a cesarean birth. Anesthesia staff is present 24 hours a day for your pain management needs.

After delivery, there is a dedicated 26-bed, private mother-baby unit for you, your baby and family to recover. There, nurses will work with you, teaching you how to care for your newborn.

Prior to discharge your infant will require state mandated tests - such as blood work and a hearing screen. Texas law requires that you have a car seat to take your new infant home. You can earn a car seat at JPS for $10 by taking our Child Passenger Safety Class.