Having your baby at JPS

Thank you for choosing John Peter Smith Hospital to have your baby! The highly skilled, compassionate staff in our Women and Infants' Services department provides expertise and experience in caring for low risk pregnancies to extremely complicated obstetrical cases. Our process supports mother and baby with a family-centered care approach.

At JPS we deliver more than 5,000 babies a year - approximately 20 percent of all deliveries in Tarrant County.

Our hospital's obstetrical program offers a wealth of amenities to help make childbirth a wonderful and positive experience while giving families the confidence and security of knowing that the medical care they receive is among the best and most advanced in the area.

We have 15 private labor and delivery room suites with space for your family members to be present for the birth experience. We want to be there to support all your needs during labor. We offer a range of options to support you during birth, including skilled nursing staff and doulas who are on call to provide additional support.

Our operative delivery suites are also available if you need a cesarean birth (sometimes called a “C-Section”). Anesthesia staff is here 24 hours a day to help meet your pain management needs.

After giving birth, most mothers stay in our Mother-Baby Unit. This unit is staffed 24 hours a day to provide care and education for mothers and newborns. Moms who have special needs or babies who are in the NICU may be cared for in other areas of Women and Infants' Services, including an extended stay in Labor & Delivery or the ante-partum care unit.

To promote breastfeeding and bonding, JPS promotes Family-Centered Care by keeping moms and babies together in the same room 24 hours a day. Newborn nurses in the Mother-Baby Unit will work with you help you to learn how to care for your newborn. JPS promotes exclusive breastfeeding.

Before you go home

Before you go homeNewborn nurses at JPS are specially trained to care for your baby when they are born and immediately afterward, including performing state-required blood tests and a hearing screen and providing necessary immunizations. You will be given an immunization record for your baby for your records and to take with you to your baby’s clinic appointments.

Before you leave the hospital, you will attend a discharge class. In the class, nurses will review the education that was provided during your hospital stay on how to care for yourself and your baby, especially in the first few days and weeks. Moms will need a routine checkup and your baby will have a newborn appointment for pediatric care in the first few days. Moms will also have the opportunity to visit with a staff member who can arrange to meet with a breastfeeding (lactation) consultant at a JPS clinic or at home.

Before being discharged, your newborn must have state-required immunizations as well as certain blood tests and a hearing screen.

Texas law requires that families have a car seat to take the baby home from the hospital. JPS offers a car seat information class where parents can learn how to keep babies and children safe while traveling in a vehicle.

Call 817-702-6500 to learn more and get signed up for the car seat class.