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Pregnant moms can get three free text messages a week, timed to your due date or the baby's birth date, during pregnancy and up until the baby's first birthday. The messages are about topics such as labor signs and symptoms, prenatal care, urgent alerts, developmental milestones, immunizations, nutrition, birth defect prevention, safe sleep, safety, and more. It is available in English and Spanish.

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Take a Tour

Take a tour.

Before your baby arrives, we invite you to come to JPS to get a first-hand look at our Labor & Delivery unit. Tours are available twice each month and are given in English and Spanish. You'll see the OB Triage area where you will check in, delivery suites where your baby will be born and patient rooms where you and your loved ones will welcome your newborn. The tours are open to mothers and their support people.

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Safe to sleep

Safe to sleep. Separate but together.

The safest place for your baby to sleep is in the room where you sleep, but not in your bed. Place the baby's crib or bassinet near your bed (within arm's reach). You can reduce your baby's risk of sleep-related causes of infant death by creating a safe sleep environment.

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Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression. More than the baby blues

Postpartum depression is depression that happens after having a baby, miscarriage, or stillbirth. It usually occurs in the first three months after childbirth; however, it can occur anytime during the first 12 months after delivery. Postpartum depression is treatable.

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Staying Healthy

Staying healthy. Check-ups are important

Make an appointment to see your healthcare provider on a regular basis to talk about your health, ask questions and have preventative health screenings, exams, tests and vaccinations. Your provider will determine what health screenings you need and when to have them. Health screenings are important to help find problems before they start or find problems early.

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