Meet Our Team

MST – Multi-Skilled Tech: The Tech assists your Registered Nurse in providing your care.

RN – Registered Nurse: Your RN team will prepare you for surgery, start your IV, check your vital signs, including blood pressure and temperature, and document your medical history.

You will meet three different RNs:
1) The Pre-Op RN will start your IV and take your medical history
2) The O.R. Nurse will take care of you in the operating room
3) The Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) RN will take care of you after surgery and prepare you to go home

Anesthesia Team: Your Anesthesia Team will give you pain medications and anesthesia as ordered by your surgeon. The team will also monitor your vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature, during surgery.

Customer Service Representative: The Customer Service Representative is located in the surgery waiting area and will update your family during surgery, answer their questions and assist them during the wait.

Surgeon: Your surgeon has had years of training and will make you feel better.