Physician Resources

Cancer Care Information:

The Hope Team at the JPS Oncology & Infusion Center is your partner in providing the most timely, sensitive, dedicated care to your oncology and hematology patients. You may reach our team by calling 817-702-8300 from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also contact our team using the MyChart app with any questions regarding referrals or continuity of care.


We would like to provide you a checklist and appropriate forms in order to expedite the referral process. For any referred or transferred patient be sure to send the following information:

  • Our standard Consultation Form must accompany any referred or transferred patient.
  • A diagnosis
  • Current treatment status
  • Copies of all x-rays and other films
  • Copies of lab and pathology results
  • Full contact information on the referring physician and/or practice
  • Full contact information on the patient
  • Any additional material you feel is necessary to fully understand each individual's case and provide the most sensitive, accurate care
  • Use CancerHelp to request a current listing of all accepted health insurance plans.