Peer and Family Services

Peer Support Specialists

JPS is proud to be at the forefront of integrating Peer Support Services into our continuum of care. Peer Support services are frequently implemented as components within existing services. However, these services can also stand alone. We currently have Peer Support Specialists who provide the following services:


Help patients become familiar with a new program and determine what resources they need for recovery; assist patients with gathering information to solve problems


Provide opportunity for structured or informal sharing of encouragement between patients and peers

Social Network:

Provide enjoyable interactions with patients to lessen feelings of isolation


Work formally and informally to reduce stigma associated with mental illness; work to foster respect for and protect the rights of those living with mental illness


Provide patients with examples of successful recovery experiences, instill hope in patients and act as role models, articulate goals and means necessary to reach them


Encourage patients to believe in themselves, hold on to hope for recovery, and reach for the means to achieve their recovery goals

JPS plans to evolve our Peer Support Services to mirror the developing field.


Patient Family Advisory Council

Behavioral Health, in alignment with the rest of our network, is committed to transforming healthcare delivery for the communities we serve. Patient-centered care is our guiding principle. To this end, we founded the Patient and Family Advisory Council. The main goal of the Patient and Family Advisory Council is to provide the best possible patient and family experience at every point of contact throughout the Department of Psychiatry.
Council members are former patients and family members of former patients who have experienced our services and have a desire to partner with us in our transformational journey.


  • Build respectful partnerships between patients, families and the rest of the healthcare team.
  • Increase teamwork between patients, families and the rest of the healthcare team.
  • Offer a forum for creating cost-effective solutions to challenges faced by patients in the JPS Health Network.
  • Ensure services meet patient and family needs and concerns.


  • Improve communication between patients, families, providers, and rest of the healthcare team.
  • Provide input into policies, processes, and program development when requested.
  • Share information, needs, and concerns with the healthcare team.
  • Promote change in a positive way.
  • Give input into education for the healthcare team.
  • Provide opportunities for JPS staff to listen to patients and families
  • Improve access to information for patients and families.