The Affordable Care Act and JPS Connection

An important notice for JPS Connection members

In 2014, JPS Health Network did not cancel JPS Connection members if they missed the deadline to sign up for the government’s new Health Insurance Marketplace. For 2015, Certified Application Counselors are available to help JPS Connection members enroll in the Marketplace.

To be eligible for JPS Connection, you must first take full advantage of all other assistance available to you. If you qualify for insurance from the Marketplace, you must sign up.

JPS Enrollment and Eligibility specialists are Certified Application Counselors and can help you with the new Health Insurance Marketplace. We can help you find out if you need to sign up. We can help you review the insurance plans.

Our counselors are available by appointment beginning November 15. Please call 817-702-1001 to schedule your appointment.

Please allow one hour for your appointment and be sure to bring the following information with you:

  • Valid email address with the password
  • W-2 or other proof of income for every member of your household who needs coverage
  • Social security number (or document numbers for legal immigrants)

You can read more about the new Marketplace at ( or call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. Information on JPS Connection is at To speak with an Eligibility and Enrollment specialist, call 817-702-1001.

The deadline is February 15, 2015.

Call 817-702-1001 if you have questions. Paper applications and exemption forms are available at all JPS Health Centers.

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Marketplace insurance plans accepted at JPS

Below is a list of Affordable Care Act insurance plans currently contracted with JPS Health Network. If you are signing up for Affordable Care Act insurance and want to use your insurance at JPS, you need to choose one of these plans.


Cigna PPO Marketplace plans:

myCigna Health Flex 5100 Health Plan Bronze

myCigna Health Flex 5500 Health Plan Bronze

myCigna Health Savings 6100 Health Plan Bronze

myCigna Health Savings 3400 Health Plan Silver

myCigna Health Flex 2750 Health Plan Silver

myCigna Copay Assure Silver Health Plan Silver

myCigna Health Flex 5000 Health Plan Silver

myCigna Health Flex 1500 Health Plan Silver

myCigna Health Flex 1900 Health Plan Gold

myCigna Health Flex 1250 Health Plan Gold

myCigna Copay Assure Gold Health Plan Gold


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Marketplace plans:

Blue Choice Bronze PPOSM

Blue Choice Silver PPOSM

Blue Choice Gold PPOSM

Blue Security Choice PPOSM

Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic, a Multi-State PlanSM

Blue Cross Blue Shield Solution, a Multi-State PlanSM

Blue Cross Blue Shield Premier, a Multi-State PlanSM

(Note: JPS is NOT contracted with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage HMO)