Overview of JPS Assistance Programs

JPS Connection Program

JPS Health Network offers four JPS Connection programs for those who qualify:

  • JPS Connection
    • ​​Provides assistance to patients without health insurance
  • JPS CARES Program
    • ​​Provides assistance to patients without health insurance and experiencing homelessness
  • JPS Connection Supplemental to Medicare
  • JPS Connection Supplemental to Insurance

Get yourself and your family connected with regular medical care through JPS Connection. JPS Connection provides affordable access to healthcare with inexpensive co-pays (.rtf) for doctor appointments, specialized care and prescriptions. Protect your family’s health and finances by applying for JPS Connection today. Click here to see if you qualify.

JPS Connection provides affordable co-payments that you can simply pay whenever you receive medical services. Click here to view Co-payments. (.rtf)

Convenient Locations

JPS has more than 30 primary and specialty care locations across Tarrant County. They include primary care centers, dental clinics, specialty clinics, women’s health services, school-based health centers and more. Click here to see all of our locations.

Access to Preventive Health Care

Don’t wait until you’re sick or injured to see a doctor. Make it a point to have regular wellness check-ups. When you join JPS Connection, you will be assigned a primary care physician who will provide your preventive care and also refer you to specialty providers should you have a need for specialized services, surgeries or other procedures.

Membership Re-Enrollment

Like most memberships, JPS Connection expires each year and does not automatically renew. It is important to renew your membership a few weeks before the expiration date. Call 817-702-1001.

Member Responsibilities

You must provide true and accurate documentation. Misrepresentation of facts or providing fraudulent information is a crime punishable under state and federal law.

JPS Connection is the payor of last resort, meaning that if you are eligible for state, federal or pharmaceutical assistance programs, you need to seek that assistance first. A JPS Eligibility and Enrollment specialist can help you apply for the appropriate programs during your screening appointment.

As a JPS Connection member, it is your responsibility to notify the Eligibility and Enrollment department of any change in residence, household income, employment, family size or insurance coverage. Call 817-702-1001 to report changes to your status. Failure to do so will cause a suspension of membership benefits.

Your JPS Connection membership is only valid at JPS Health Network locations. Do not expect member benefits at other hospitals, health centers or physician offices.