Step 2


  • Picture ID (Government Issued or School ID)
  • Immigration Documentation (Resident Alien Cards, Passports, Certificate of Naturalization, I-94)
  • Birth Certificates for child dependents
  • Shelter /Approved Agency Residence Letter or Valid Homeless Scan Card
  • Agency award letters (Food Stamps, TANF, Housing, CHIP/Medicaid) 
  • Completed Application (Incomplete applications will not be accepted) 
  • Application signed and dated by applicant and spouse (even if spouse is not applying)
  • Complete and sign form 4506T 
  • Review, initial, and sign the Membership Responsibility Form
  • Homeowners, self-employed, or clients receiving Social Security must provide current 30 day bank 
    statement for all accounts, current asset documentation (401K, 403B, IRA, CD, Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc.)
  • Full – time students applying with parents must provide a copy of their school schedule

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