Learn for Life

At JPS Health Network, we are your family’s partner in helping you learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our classes are open to all residents of Tarrant County and are free to our patients. Call JPS Health Promotions at 817-702-7300 for more information.

Class Topics Include:

  • Checking Your Glucose Levels (Meter/Insulin)

    • This practical hands-on class will show you how to check your glucose levels and give yourself insulin injections. You’ll develop an understanding of the importance that insulin plays in diabetes management so that you can be in control of your diabetes.  

  • COPD
    • COPD is a serious lung disease that usually causes breathing to worsen over time. It is the # 4 leading cause of death in the US. Preventing and managing COPD begins with knowledge. This class will teach you how to breathe better and improve lung function.
  • Diabetes
    • Our diabetes education program provides information on what diabetes is, nutrition, controlling your blood sugar, managing your glucose monitor and how to take your insulin, preventing complications, and managing sick days. Classes are limited to adults 18 and over.
  • Diabetes In Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)

    • Whether the diagnosis of diabetes is new to this pregnancy, an earlier pregnancy or prior to the pregnancy, this class is for you. We will discuss what is diabetes and how to best manage it while pregnant. Topics include, but are not limited to, risk factors to mom and to baby, management of blood glucose, meal planning, label reading and future concerns.

  • English/Spanish Childbirth Class: Prenatal

    • Common complications may occur during pregnancy. These can be prevented by exercising daily, making healthy food choices and learning about the progression of pregnancy. Practice with newborn dolls helps to get the feel of cord care, bathing, diapering and safety issues.

  • English/Spanish Childbirth Class: Labor/Delivery

    • Practicing relaxation techniques before you go into labor can help laboring mothers feel more in control as they go through the different phases of labor. There are many pain control management options that can be used during labor and delivery. Common complications that can arise during labor are discussed in these classes.

  • English/Span. Childbirth: Postpartum/Breastfeed

    • Care of the mother and newborn after delivery is as important as prior to delivery. Breastfeeding immediately after birth aids in the bonding between a mother and her baby. Knowing how to prevent sore nipples after delivery can help mothers give their babies the most nutritious food possible.

  • Hypertension/Stroke/Heart Failure Class

    • Learn what high blood pressure is and how best to manage it in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. You’ll also learn how high blood pressure can lead to other conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

  • Infant Car Seat Safety (Limited Enrollment)

    • For pregnant women, this class provides information and explains current laws about car seat safety. The class shows you the correct way to install a car seat. You will have the opportunity for hands-on practice. This class is available to the community; however, to receive a car seat, you must deliver your baby at JPS and present a voucher from the class. The cost of the class is $10.00.

  • Labor and Delivery Tour

    • Appointments only. No one under 13 years old allowed for the tour. We take the expecting parents on a tour of the labor and delivery floor, the nursery, and other areas of the hospital that they will most likely encounter during their stay at the hospital when they deliver.

  • Quit Smoking

    • Learn to identify the reasons that you smoke and how smoking affects your health and the health of others. Help to identify triggers and develop ways to cope. Various methods of quitting will be presented to help you design and plan before setting the quit date. In addition to the class, a medical provider will be available to further assist in providing prescribed medication. This offer is only for JPS patients, employees and dependents. In order to receive the medication, a referral is required from your JPS Primary Care Physician. There is a co-payment associated with this class at the time of registration.