Learn for Life

At JPS Health Network, we are your family’s partner in helping you learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Call JPS Community Health at 817-702-7300 for more information.

Class Topics Include:

Checking Your Glucose Levels (Meter/Insulin)

This practical hands-on class will show you how to check your glucose levels and give yourself insulin injections. You’ll develop an understanding of the importance that insulin plays in diabetes management so that you can be in control of your diabetes.  


COPD is a serious lung disease that usually causes breathing to worsen over time. It is the # 4 leading cause of death in the US. Preventing and managing COPD begins with knowledge. This class will teach you how to breathe better and improve lung function.


Our diabetes education program provides information on what diabetes is, nutrition, controlling your blood sugar, managing your glucose monitor and how to take your insulin, preventing complications, and managing sick days. Classes are limited to adults 18 and over.

Hypertension/Stroke/Heart Failure

Learn what high blood pressure is and how best to manage it in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. You’ll also learn how high blood pressure can lead to other conditions such as stroke and heart disease.