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Anxiety Disorders


Screening Tools

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screening Scale (.pdf)

GAD-7 Anxiety Scale (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines

Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Anxiety (.pdf)

Management of Anxiety in Adults (NHS) (.pdf)

Drug Treatment Guidelines for Anxiety Disorders (.pdf)

Management of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (.pdf)

Patient Resources

  Anxiety Patient Instructions (Adult)


 Anxiety Patient Instructions (Child) (.pdf)

Relaxation (.pdf)

Unhelpful Thinking Styles (.pdf)





Best Practice Guidelines for Behavioral Health


Adult Best Practice Guidelines (TDMHDD) (.pdf)

 Behavioral Health Toolkit for Primary Care Providers 



Patient Engagement and Self-Management (.ppt)

Identifying and Helping Patients With Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders (.pdf)


Bipolar Disorder


Screening Tools

 MDQ- Mood Disorder Screening tool (.pdf)
Treatment Guidelines

 Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care (.pdf)

 Bipolar Disorder Treatment Algorithms (TMAP) (.pdf)

 Bipolar Disorder Treatment Algorithms Graphic  

Patient Resources

 Bipolar Disorder Patient Instructions (.pdf)




Screening Tools

Clinical Guidelines for Major Depressive Disorder (.pdf)

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) for Depression (.pdf)

 Patient Health Questionaire (PHQ-9) for Depression (Spanish Version) (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines

Management of Major Depressive Disorder (.pdf)

Major Depression Disorder Treatment Algorithms (TMAP) (.pdf)

 Treatment for Depression After Unsatisfactory Response to SSRIs (.pdf)

 Clinical Guidelines for the Treatment of Depression in Primary Care (.pdf)

Patient Resources

 Depression Fast Facts (.pdf)


Domestic Violence


Screening Tools

HITS Screen (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines


Patient Resources





Screening Tools

 Insomnia Screening Questionnaire  (.pdf)
Treatment Guidelines

  Guideline for Evaluation and Management of Insomnia in Adults (.pdf)

 Insomnia Clinical Practice Guideline (.pdf)


Patient Resources

Insomnia Patient Guide (.pdf)

Personality Disorders


Screening Tools

Treatment Guidelines

  Management of Borderline Personality Disorder (.pdf)
Patient Resources

 Consumer and Family Information: Borderline Personality Disorder





Screening Tools

BCAT Short Form (.pdf)

BCAT Summary Information for Primary Care Providers (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines

 Treatment of Schizophrenia in Adults (.pdf)

 Schizophrenia Treatment Algorithms (TMAP) (.pdf)

Patient Resources

  Schizophrenia Patient Instructions (.pdf)



Substance Abuse


Screening Tools

 AUDIT-C Substance Abuse Screening Tool (.pdf)

A Guide to Substance Abuse Services for Primary Care Clinicians - Screening tools (.pdf)

Treatment Guidelines


Medication Management of Substance Use Disorders (.pdf)

A Guide to Substance Abuse Services for Primary Care Clinicians (.pdf)


Patient Resources

 Drug abuse and addiction Patient Instructions (.pdf)


Virtual Website Links


JPS Behavioral Health Clinics (.pdf)

PC2 E-Newsletters 

Mental Health Guidelines 

Behavioral Diabetes Institute 

National Guideline Clearinghouse 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Pathways 

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Practice Parameters 

The Brief Cognitive Assessment


Psychiatry Practice Guidelines 

American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines 

Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Published Clinical Guidelines 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Search Guidelines 

US Department of Veterans Affairs Clinical Practice Guidelines 

Psychology Tools 

Depression & Suicide