Community Outreach

JPS Health Network’s commitment to caring extends far beyond the walls of our facilities. We believe it is our responsibility to provide services that are valuable and important to the residents of Tarrant County. These services come in the form of health education classes, health screenings, health fairs as well as many other outreach efforts.

Health Fairs

If you would like JPS to participate in your health fair, please click here.  

School, Church and Community Presentations

If you would like JPS to make presentation to your school, church, group or organization, please click here.  

Sickle Cell Screening

Two million Americans carry the sickle cell trait. It can affect you, or it can be passed on to your children. And although there’s no known cure, there are treatment options that help manage sickle cell. But early detection is crucial. Call JPS Health Promotions at 817-920-7353 to schedule your free screening.