Cardiology Virtual Tour


Chest Pain Unit

The Chest Pain Unit at JPS is designed to quickly establish the reasons for a patient’s chest pain and begin treatment on a timely basis.

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Equipped with fully digital imaging equipment, the cardiac cath lab at JPS offers state-of-the-art services in a comfortable setting.

Angiography Suite

The angio suite at JPS provides the latest in angiography equipment to assist our doctors in determining the most effective treatment.

Stress Lab

The Stress Lab at JPS is part of our comprehensive cardiovascular care offering a range of support services to help effectively diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease.

Nuclear Camera

Our nuclear camera is one of many tools used to diagnose our patients.

Cardiology Team

The JPS Cardiology department consists of a team of highly-trained professionals who provide compassionate care to every JPS patient.

Cardiac Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure and while ultrasound equipment is very sophisticated, the procedure itself is simple and painless.