Unique Aspects of the Program

A key element setting JPS apart from many other OB/GYN programs is its team concepts. This approach to patient care involves a close working relationship between faculty, residents and nurse practitioners. Residency teams consist of:

  • Two general OB/GYN faculty
  • Two OB/GYN residents (second and fourth year levels)
  • One family medicine resident (second or third year level)
  • One family medicine or obstetrics intern
  • Three to four nurse practitioners
  • Medical students

The residency teams have the following structure:

  • 12-hour work days on average
  • Fourth year residents work with faculty to manage labor and delivery (L&D), surgery (OR) and clinics for their team
  • Direct faculty supervision of individual teams
  • Family medicine, obstetric interns and residents work together on individual teams
  • Three weeks of day shift and one week of night shift
    • Two days per week in L&D
    • One OR day per week, three weeks per month
    • Two clinic days per week
    • One colposcopy clinic day per month with pathology conference
  • Scheduled time off with your team
    • Two weekends off per month for second and fourth year residents
  • Two faculty members per team directly responsible for two residents – to provide excellent communication with faculty and a small resident-to-faculty ratio
  • Direct one-on-one operating time with generalist and subspecialty faculty

Robotic Surgery 

Beginning with the intern year, robotic surgery training for our residents involves a unique curriculum that allows them to use the daVinci robotic surgery system. With enhanced optics and dexterity, the robotic system allows surgeons to address more complex cases through a laparoscopic approach, thus improving post operative pain control and shortening recovery time.