1st Year Resident
3 months Harris Hospital
2 months OB/Gyn team
2 months Perinatal medicine
1 month GynOnc
1 month ER
2 months Medicine
0.5 months Geriatrics
0.5 months NICU

  • Broad primary care experience
  • Perinatal rotation in addition to OB rotation
  • Ample experience with sonography
  • Opportunity to perform Cesarean Section
  • Good camaraderie with largest family medicine program in the country


2nd Year Resident 

  • Part of a large team including OB/Gyn and Family Medicine Residents, interns, NPs and students
  • Works with 2-3 major staff and one chief resident (good continuity, clear expectations)
  • Responsibilities include working with the nurse practitioners, family medicine residents, interns and medical students assigned to your team
  • Protected OR time, protected didactic time
  • Tremendous experience in high risk and operative obstetrics
  • Functions in a supervisory role of interns for low risk patients
  • Protected OR days operating consistently with one or two staff, ensuring confidence
  • One week protected conference time


3rd Year Resident 

3 months Gynecology Oncology
Direct access to two practicing oncologists: Genaady Miroshnichenko, M.D.

3 months Reproductive Endocrinology
Large volume practice covering 3 hospitals: Frank Deleon, M.D.

3 months Perinatal
Inpatient and outpatient management including amniocentesis and Level II sonography: Tracy Papa, M.D.

3 months urogynecology
Periurethral sling procedures, Burch, CMG, cystoscopy, colpoplexy: Manhan Vu, D.O.

  • Large operating experience with reduced general clinic and L&D responsibilities
  • Only two OB night shifts per month
  • One-on-one experiences with specialists in all four subspecialties
  • Individualized operative time with faculty
  • One week protected conference time


4th Year Resident 

  • Manages large team including OB/Gyn and Family Medicine residents, interns, NPs and students
  • Generates cases for boards directly from clinic
  • Large referral base including family medicine colleagues ensuring broad gynecologic experience
  • One week of protected conference time and seven days of board preparation
  • Opportunities in community practice, academic medicine or fellowship programs