Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average call schedule in your program?
This will be service and program specific. Call schedules are usually discussed at orientation of each rotation. Applicants should inquire to the specific program for details.

Q: Is moonlighting allowed in your program?
Each program may have specific guidelines regarding whether a house staff is eligible for moonlighting. The institution has a moonlighting policy that requires all house staff engaged in moonlighting to be licensed for unsupervised medical practice. It is the responsibility of the party hiring the house staff to moonlight and the house staff to determine whether the following is in place:

  1. Adequate liability coverage
  2. Whether the house officer has the appropriate training and skills to carry out assigned duties
  3. Adequate supervision for the Resident or Fellow 4. NPI, DEA and appropriate credentialing materials for moonlighting site
  4. NPI, DEA and appropriate credentialing materials for moonlighting site
  5. Moonlighting must have prior approval from the program director

Q: What research opportunities are available for residents?
Faculty is excited to have residents participate in research projects. In addition to small projects and/or case reports that can be undertaken during the residency training, we offer opportunity for our residents to learn additional skills for growth in academic leadership. Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in research. There are many research opportunities with our faculty. A number of our residents have published peer-reviewed writing and completed textbooks and chapters. They have received regional and national recognition for work presented.

Q: What changes are coming in the program?
We are working on software to better track duty hours, scheduling, conference attendance, evaluations, case types and procedures of our residents. We hope to better evaluate the needs of our residents based on this data. This will allow us to make changes based on objective data and resident and faculty input.