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March 15, 2016 started just like any other day for Officer Matt Pearce. His day quickly took a turn for the worse as he answered a call that left him with five gunshot wounds and very little hope of surviving. As first responders debated on where to take Officer Pearce for care, he was clear: "You are taking me to JPS". Officer Pearce instructed the first responders to take him to JPS, because he knew that going to the only Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County would increase his chance of survival. "It's a well-known fact in the police department, that if you're injured or suffer a trauma, you go to JPS," says Officer Pearce. "I believe in the doctors at JPS. On March 15th you wouldn't find a doctor on the planet that expected me to live - but JPS did their best and gave me a chance and it worked. JPS saved my life."

JPS Health Network provides outstanding compassionate care to Tarrant County residents which translates into over 1.8 million patient encounters each year. With more than 6,500 team members, JPS is dedicated to making lives better in the community it serves.



  1. JPS is the only Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County
  2. JPS is a Comprehensive Level I Stroke Center.
  3. JPS has the only Psychiatric Emergency Center in Tarrant County.
  4. JPS provides cutting-edge healthcare through its nationally recognized Behavioral Health Department.
  5. JPS is the largest teaching hospital in Tarrant County.
  6. JPS has 20 School-Based Clinics in Tarrant County.
  7. JPS has the largest hospital-based family medicine residency program in the nation.
  8. JPS ranks among the nation's top hospitals for employee engagement.
  9. JPS provides medical care to adults experiencing homelessness.
  10. JPS has more than 60 unique sites of care in Tarrant County.