EAP Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect if I contact the JPS EAP?


An experienced, professional EAP counselor will meet with you, either by phone or in person, conduct a confidential initial assessment and work with you to determine the best course of action to resolve your issue. Your counselor might provide a referral to a specialist if that is the best option for you.


Who is eligible?

The EAP is available and free of charge to JPS team members and their immediate families. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please call the EAP.


Are EAP counselors qualified to help me?

EAP counselors are specially trained to help employees manage life’s challenges. They must hold a master’s degree or higher in psychology or social work, be licensed for independent practice, and have earned the designation of the Certified Employee Assistance Professional.


What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is critical for a successful EAP. An EAP counselor must adhere to the same strict measures of confidentiality as any mental health professional, including the state regulations and ethical codes that govern confidentiality. Appointments are kept confidential. Information is not included in personnel records, employee health records or EPIC, nor is it released to supervisors, coworkers, family or friends without your written permission. A few highly limited exceptions to confidentiality exist, such as when required by law or if there is a serious concern for harm to self or others.


What about cost?

All services provided directly by the EAP are free to you. If an EAP counselor recommends using an outside resource (practitioner, program or community agency), you will be provided with information about costs associated with those services, including information related to your medical plan coverage.


How do I access the EAP?

Call (817) 702-1688. You will have the option of speaking with an EAP counselor by phone or by an in-person appointment (your choice).


Why is JPS providing an EAP?

JPS knows our employees are our most important resource. When our employees face challenges or address important decisions, we want them to have extra assistance and support at hand.


JPS Employee Assistance Program

Confidential support and guidance are just a phone call away.

Call (817) 702-1688 to contact the EAP or to schedule an in-person appointment.

Hours of Operation:

8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday