About Joint Council

Joint Council began with JPS President and CEO Robert Earley’s vision to bring together groups of people to discuss how JPS Health Network can better serve Tarrant County’s diverse population. JPS Joint Council is comprised of individuals and representatives of community and faith-based organizations and interest groups. Initially, five councils were created to focus on various projects supporting the transformation of JPS: Arlington Council, Northeast Council, Pastoral Council, Salud Council and Senior Leadership. Over time, the councils merged into one Joint Council, which meets quarterly.

Joint Council aims to build community partnerships to improve health and well-being in Tarrant County. Active and engaged external stakeholders provide invaluable feedback and assistance in guiding JPS initiatives. As JPS continues to transform healthcare to make lives better, leadership recognizes the need for continuous input from the community we serve.


For further inquiries, please contact Lisa Padilla, Director of Community Outreach at 817-702-7318 or via email at lpadilla@jpshealth.org.

If you are interested in being part of the Joint Council, Join Us.