The Good Catch

May 23, 2013-

The pain in Lori Putallaz’s right side wasn’t much more than bothersome when she went to the Employee Health Clinic. “But it was getting close to the weekend, and we live way out in Wise County, so I thought, well, maybe I ought to get it checked,” she said.

The clinic got her in the same day. Putallaz, who works in Plant Operations, would not have been surprised to hear, ‘let’s wait and see.’ But clinic staff went after the source of her pain, ordering a sonogram and then a CT.

Within 72 hours, Putallaz learned that she had kidney cancer. At home recovering from removal of her kidney, and a 6mm mass, she’s feeling “wonderful, considering,” fortunate that the diagnosis came as soon as it did, and grateful that JPS is where she works.  Both of her daughters work at JPS, too, both in Correctional Health. “I’m so lucky,” she said.

Employers that host on-site employee health clinics typically do so to reduce lost productivity. Theory suggests that an employee who must miss work to go to the doctor will be less likely to do so — at least not as quickly as if the doctor was on site — delaying both preventive care and prompt treatment of illnesses that might be contagious to the workforce. In a healthcare setting, concern for patient safety comes into play, as well.

Theory proved correct in the case of Lori Putallaz.  “I feel like I got such an amazing thing done for me by the Employee Health Clinic,” she said. “I’m so proud to work for JPS. There are wonderful things that go on there every day. When you work for JPS, JPS is your other family.”

JPS Employee Health Clinic
1400 S. Main St., fourth floor



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