Shattered Dreams 2013


Produced by Fossil Ridge High School
Special Thanks to the counseling Department at Fossil Ridge High School, Keller ISD.

Editor/Camera: Jake Wangner
Music mixed by: Carlos Ugarte

Camera 1: Dafne Alonso
Camera 2: Sofia Komoroski
Camera 3: Mazie McDonald
Camera 4: Andre Nguyen
Camera 5: Denise Tolston
Camera 6: Richie Vongkhaophet
Camera 7: Hannah Sommers

Additional Support Crew:
Malak Abdalahi
Sara Martinez


The video is the end product of a two-day mock disaster orchestrated in March by Keller ISD’s Fossil Ridge High School. The drill began at the scene of a staged vehicle accident near the school. Police and paramedics responded just as they normally would, and the wounded were transported to JPS. staff members volunteered to help with the exercise and gave it their all, bringing to it all the intensity of real life. The parents of the student actors were summoned to the hospital, as well, just as they would be if the accident had been real.

Student videographers captured every moment of the exercise, and then produced videos that have been shown to the student body in assemblies. The goal of Shattered Dreams exercises is to educate teenagers, known to learn best through personal experience, about the consequences of driving distracted or under the influence.


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