About JPS

Founded more than 100 years ago, JPS Health Network has a long history of training medical professionals and is a leader in medical education nationally, regionally and locally. The mission of the JPS Academic Affairs Department is to create an environment of higher level academics and a learning experience that leads to the development of excellent, patient-centered physicians and extraordinary healthcare leaders. JPS Health Network has become a leading academic teaching hospital in innovative curricula, excellence in scholarly activity and evidence-based community-oriented research. The researchers and scholars of JPS have become committed to advancing the mission of the institution set by our CEO, Robert Earley.

In 2006, JPS reinforced its commitment to medical education by creating the infrastructure needed to expand research and scholarly activity. Dr. Josephine Fowler was hired as the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Through her leadership, the IRB Manager and Director of Research were brought on board, to expand the Research Department. In 2007, the IRB obtained its Federal Wide Assurance and the department began a research learning series known as the "Research Roundtable". This series continues to meet monthly to share regulatory guidelines and train researchers in methods and protocol development. In addition, this gives researchers an opportunity to present their early findings and results.

As a result of these additions, scholarly activity increased, inspiring the first JPS Research Day held on June 2, 2007. The department received its first intramural research funds in 2008 which allowed researchers to conduct pilot projects and complete small research activities that were potentially eligible for external funding. In 2010, JPS achieved a record 101 active research protocols resulting in increased participation. In 2012, JPS had 165 research protocols and more than 40 presentations and posters for Research Day. In 2013, JPS had 120 research protocols and more than 52 presentations for Research Day.