Physician Testimonials


“I choose to work at JPS Health Network because of a desire to provide high quality service to JPS patients. I particularly appreciate the commitment of the medical staff to this work and how engaged they are in the process of continuous improvement. Our academic environment keeps us connected with innovative strategies and ongoing learning. I doubt there is any other setting for me that offers this level of professional satisfaction.”
   -Elizabeth A. Carter, MD
    Senior Vice President, Population Health Specialty

Ghandi “JPS is a diamond in the rough. There is strong support from the Medical Staff, Administration and Board for a Trauma Center. There is good cooperation and camaraderie between medical staff. Also, the pathology seen here is amazing. Finally, financially, JPS is very strong. What more could you ask from an institution?”
   -Rajesh Gandhi, MD
    Medical Director, Trauma Services



“It is a privilege to work for the Tarrant County Hospital District and serve patients who are in greatest need.  John Peter Smith has become a nationally recognized Academic Medical Center.  I am proud to say that I trained here, as did my father before me.  After many years in private practice, I returned to JPS.  There is a great sense of community and camaraderie here.  I enjoy walking the halls, meeting the patients and interacting with other physicians and staff.  The challenging pathology, cutting edge technology and the incredible compassion and knowledge of our caregiver network make JPS a great institution to fulfill a passion for practicing medicine.  There is no better place to be, to make a difference in the future of healthcare.”
   -Jay Haynes, MD
    Senior Vice President



Massingil“At JPS Health Network, physicians have the opportunity to extend their skills to patients who desperately need help. I go home almost every day with a feeling of accomplishment and a strong sense that my work matters. Our various physician groups provide excellent camaraderie and support. Come join our team!”
   -G. Sealy Massingill, MD
    OB/GYN Specialty



“JPS is the most incredible place to work! Though every day presents a unique challenge, I always go home knowing that I helped make someone’s life better.  The school-based health centers work with children who are underserved, but strong in spirit and I love being part of these young lives. The school-based nurse practitioners serve as primary care providers, counselors, teachers, mentors, and cheerleaders for our patients! I think our work in the school-based health centers is best expressed by this David McCullough quote ‘Real success is finding your lifework in the work you love.’”
   -Bethany K. McClean, NP
    Program Director, School-Based Health Centers



“I was attracted to JPS because of what I saw as a great opportunity to be part of something special. As Tarrant County grows, JPS is expanding with a commitment to its residents to become a center of excellence. I felt I could contribute to that group.”
   -Mark H. Oltermann, MD
    Critical Care Medicine/Internal Medicine



“Since 1990, it has been a privilege for me to participate in the health care of the people in the community while being surrounded by a staff of like-minded individuals committed to working their hardest to deliver quality health care, through a county system in a family friendly environment.”
   -Robert C. Richard, DO
    Vice Chairman Community Health, Medical Director JPS
    Health Center - Polytechnic