Meeting the Need: Expanding Behavioral Health Services

After drastic cuts in the availability of inpatient mental health services in the late nineties, things are beginning to turn around. This rebound is due in part to population growth in our area and a change in federal legislation affecting insurance benefits.

In a recent interview, J.R. Labbe, JPS vice president of communications and community affairs, said that our JPS Trinity Springs Pavilion, which has 96 beds, is running at about 90 percent capacity. JPS has grown by 42 beds since 2007, and while we have no plans for more inpatient beds, we’ve proposed a number of service expansions in cooperation with other providers in the area.

These proposals are designed to handle an increase in Medicaid patients and fill a necessary need in the community. Proposed changes include expanding hours at JPS behavioral services, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, plus increased mental-health screenings.